Friday, December 3, 2010

Give light to those who sit in darkness.

Luke 1:67-79 NLT  
   Then his father, Zechariah, was filled with the Holy Spirit and gave this prophecy: 
    “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel,  because he has visited and redeemed his people. 69 He has sent us a mighty Savior  from the royal line of his servant David, 70 just as he promised  through his holy prophets long ago. 71Now we will be saved from our enemies and from all who hate us. 72 He has been merciful to our ancestors by remembering his sacred covenant— 73 the covenant he swore with an oath to our ancestor Abraham. 74 We have been rescued from our enemies so we can serve God without fear, 75 in holiness and righteousness for as long as we live. '
   76  “And you, my little son, will be called the prophet of the Most High, because you will prepare the way for the Lord. 77 You will tell his people how to find salvation through forgiveness of their sins. 78 Because of God’s tender mercy,  the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, 79  to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace.”

After nine months of being without speech because of his lack of faith in the Lord, Zechariah makes up for lost time by proclaiming this prophesy at the Holy Spirit's urging. All that was taking place was ground for praise to God. The coming of the Savior was now not just a hopeful story told from generation to generation, it was a fulfilled promise and the evidence was in the birth of John. In three more months, John's cousin, Jesus would come into the world. And the process would be set into motion that could bring salvation from sin to human kind.

Unfortunately, Zechariah was too steeped in Jewish lore to see the bigger picture for he states that they would be saved from those who hate Jews. Actually it is all people who love God that will be saved from the one in the universe who hates God-- and all his minions that seem to control the world's affairs. He gets it right in verse 74-5 for we truly are saved so that we can serve God without fear. Because of Jesus Christ we cans serve God in true holiness and righteousness. Christ's righteousness enters us and replicates itself within us by God's power when we are committed to Him.

John's task was large-- to "prepare the way of the Lord and tell people how to find salvation through Him. John's testimony was to open the door so others would see the light that God had sent into the world. That light has been with us for two thousand years now. Is that light in you? Does it shine out to others? It can, if you want to permit it to do so.

Your servant in Christ's love

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