Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accept what God had done, is doing, and will do.

Isaiah  2:12-17NLT  
  12 For the LORD of Heaven’s Armies has a day of reckoning. He will punish the proud and mighty and bring down everything that is exalted. 13 He will cut down the tall cedars of Lebanon and all the mighty oaks of Bashan. 14 He will level all the high mountains and all the lofty hills. 15 He will break down every high tower  and every fortified wall. 16 He will destroy all the great trading ships  and every magnificent vessel. 17 Human pride will be humbled, and human arrogance will be brought down.  Only the LORD will be exalted on that day of judgment.

Isaiah continues to unpack the message from God about the long-distant future to his time in 700 BC. This message was written down for us all well over two thousand seven hundred years ago in human time. In God's eternal time, who knows what that might be like. The point is that God had a plan. In fact, the Psalmists wrote about this plan that God had right from the very foundations of creation itself-- thousands, perhaps millions of years prior to Isaiah. God knew what self-authorized humanity would do and what it would take to change things. He could have created nice obedient automatons-- robots-- but that would not be love. God created people who could have the potential to love like God loves-- without condition.

The fall of humanity into sin brought with it, self-centered nature. With that came pride and arrogance. But through the sacrifice of God, those things can be healed and replaced with a new nature. As powerful as fallen sinful nature is, God is more powerful and can change it. God revealed to Isaiah, across the years of his prophetic ministry, that The Messiah, the Sacrificial Lamb of God, the Redeemer, would come and change all that had gone awry. He revealed to the early Apostles, especially John, and early disciples of Jesus Christ, that a time could come any moment when God will sweep away the bondage of evil and all who clink to evil as their preference. The greatest creations of humanity will crumble in the presence of God. And when these have all crumbled, then God will establish the new eternal human order without sin.

As remote as that might seem to us today, looking into the future, imagine how distant that must have seemed to Isaiah 2,700 years ago. Yet he did not doubt for a second. Neither did the Apostle John, 700 years later because he had seen the Messiah and seen Him die-- and saw Him risen, and saw Him again enthroned beyond time. And we have both their testimonials to this. Let us lay aside any and all arrogance that contributes to our personal doubt and simply accept by faith what God has done, what God is doing, and what God will do.
Your servant in Christ's love

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